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What is neuropathic pain? It means chronic pain persisting more than 2 months , coming from degenerative change of nerve fiber. The characteristics of neuropathic pain are spontaneous arousal, hypethesia, allodynia, hyperalgesia etc.
Pathophysiology : It shows demyelination of axon under microscopic exam. The muscles and ligament, innervated by degenerative axon shows shortening, tightness, mal-arrangement of collagen fiber and hypersensitivity.
What causes neuropathic pain? There are various causes of neuropathic pain. These are compression of peripheral nerve, traumatic nerve injury, metabolic causes( such as diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, heavy metals etc), drug associated(narcotics, alcohol etc) and so forth.
What is arthritis ? Definition of arthritis is the inflammation of joints. In general, arthritis means rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is degenerative process closely related with neuropathic pain. Osteoarthritis is somewhat localized disease that doesn’t involve visceral organ. But rheumatoid arthritis is systemic and much more dreadful disease, spreading every corner of our body, including viscera.
How do we make it better? We listen to your symptoms carefully. We prefer complete physical and neurologic examination to imaging study because most cases reveals nothing wrong and main pathologic change occur in soft tissue, which is invisible in radiologic study. We perform joint ultrasound if necessary because this can show soft tissue structure well including dynamic image. We provide appropriate therapeutic modalities such as manual reduction, dry needling, ultrasound guided drug injection, herb therapy, drug and exercise prescription.
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