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What is male aging ?
- Male sex hormone (androgen) doesn’t drop dramatically in aging male like those of in women with menopause as they are getting old. Hormonal changes of aging male are somewhat subtle and not universal so it is easily neglected. But it does happen in most men over 40 years old. Androgen level of male over 80 years old is one third of that of young male less than 30 years old. Thyroid hormone, Insulin, Melatonin are also decreased. Growth hormone release is abolished. Cortisol level is increased.
What is female aging ?
- Human aging and degeneration begin with 4th decades in life. It is accelerated in women after menopause. 5-10 year period of estrogen, growth hormone replacement therapy is helpful.
- we provide various Lab. Studies such as hormonal status, allergic reaction, toxin analysis, physical fitness
What is included in anti-aging solution ?
- Hormone replacement, Parenteral anti oxidant-minerals-micronutrients infusion, placental extracts, chelation therapy, oral supplements etc.
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